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Where do those leads come from, do we have control over the Personal Data Act? Who should handle these leads, what are the success criteria? What happens if leads are not matched as agreed? Lead Management sets up an environment that is transparent, logical and creates sales results because the process begins correctly and is simple and structured.

Among other things. we use simple tools that enable comparisons from e.g. reseller to reseller, from department to department, from sales consultant to sales consultant, and management reporting becomes redundant. The numbers, progress or decline are somewhere. It is easy to pinpoint problems and success and correct correctly and quickly.

What difference does Pro Lead make?

As an example, we use the well-known model BANT to qualify the items so that they have a score in relation to not the actual sales It is also there), as much as if we have the data necessary for a successful sale:

Budget: How much is the prospect able and willing to spend?

Authority: Who is the ultimate decision maker?

Need: Does the prospect have a problem your product can solve?

Timing: Is there urgency?

What difference does Pro Lead make?

Over time, with the use of Lead Management, you will gain invaluable knowledge that adjusts the sales efforts from TM, over the choice of partners for which employees or resellers deliver the best results on the tasks.

In addition, we offer setup and start up courses as well as training in the lead management philosophy, and sales training that complements our services.

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